car    PRO-TEK has an exciting role to play in automotive, boating and motorcycle racing sports.  PRO-TEK will offer these venues the only truly protective cover that can travel from event to event, yet function like a stationary enclosed garage or shelter.  The unusually harsh and unprotected settings of these sporting events bring all the challenges imaginable for protecting your highly valuable vehicles and boats.  Excessive dust, track debris, tight quarters, crowds, and prolonged storage requirements put any so-called protective cover to the ultimate test.  But traditional tie-on covers—which are inferior enough in normal settings—simply can’t provide the quality of protection that these special racing vehicles and boats demand.  And they could never provide the level of protection that PRO-TEK’s collapsible mini-garage can offer.  PRO-TEK not only offers superior protection, it is also faster and easier to use, and far more adaptable to changing weather and environmental conditions.  When shown to members of your sporting industries, the unanimous response is, “When can we get them?”

    PRO-TEK is not available to purchase now, but we are taking requests for product demonstrations once production is underway. But if you’d like a special introduction to PRO-TEK for your team’s needs, we will be happy to provide you with an exclusive demonstration”.

    As avid racing fans, motorcycle enthusiasts and boat owners, we created PRO-TEK covers to perform especially strong for your unique needs.  And our commitment is to bring you a unique product you can truly rely on.

    When it’s time to choose the best protection for your racing car, motorcycle or boat, compare PRO-TEK to anything else on the market. You’ll find that PRO-TEK wins that race every time.  Because, when it comes to complete protection of valuable racing sports vehicles and boats…We’ve Got You Covered!


PRO-TEK is a trademarked brand for the proprietary product line of covers developed by Cocoon Creations LLC of Banner Elk, NC. Patent Pending.

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